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The Last Stormlord has ratings and reviews. Stefan said: Sometimes you find a fantasy novel that's not extremely original, but is so much plain. The Last Stormlord [Glenda Larke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shale is the lowest of the low-an outcast from a poor village in the heart of the desert. In the desert water is life. Editorial Reviews. Review. Glenda Larke is one of my favorite fantasy writers. I love her novels! Kate Elliott Glenda Larke is magical. If you don't read her, you're missing out on a treat Karen Miller. From the Author. This trilogy is called THE WATERGIVERS trilogy in the Australian edition and won the coverted inaugural.

For all that it's all about water and the control of water in an arid land, The Last Stormlord is no thinly veiled homage to Dune. It's a unique and multi-layered story that melds plot, politics, and some pretty intense action into a seamless whole. And, as a person who grew up in eastern California and knows well the history of. A description of tropes appearing in Last Stormlord. A trilogy of novels by Glenda Larke about a society that exists in an extremely dry climate, and get . The Last Stormlord is a unique story which explores a civilization on the brink of disaster. The world survives through the powers of a Stormmlord who brings water to the parched lands of the Quartern from the distant seas. As the story opens the last Stormlord is weak and dying. Choices are being made about who will.

2 Sep The Last Stormlord is the first book in the Stormlord trilogy, also known as the Watergivers trilogy, by Glenda Larke. The second book, Stormlord Rising, recently came out in the US. It was already available in Australia, and it will be released in the UK in November. Stormlord's Exile, the third book. 23 Aug THE LAST STORMLORD, by Glenda Larke, reminds me of the epic fantasies of odd years ago because the pacing is similar in its devotion to world-building without a visible purpose. There's the standard young boy being trained whose abilities will change the world. A girl on the verge of womanhood. Browse Inside The Last Stormlord, by Glenda Larke, a Paperback from Voyager, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


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