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Ecco Pro was a personal information manager software based on an outliner, and supporting folders similar to spreadsheet columns that allow filtering and sorting of information based upon user defined criteria. The software was originally produced by Arabesque Software in , then purchased by NetManage, and. Replace Ecco Pro with ActionOutline. Use ActionOutline instead of Ecco Pro to plan, organize, present, brainstorm, research, learn, think in the intuitive outline form. Ecco Pro is an outliner, originally produced by Arabesque Software, Inc., then purchased by Netmanage, Inc., abandoned, and then released for free. Ecco Pro. While Ecco did not really have tags in the current sense, I do appreciate a program that offers good control and use of tags. I think the biggest failure in using tags is Asana. They took a very powerful feature and totally screwed it up by not allowing a tags section on the left hand column where folders/projects.

26 Jul I don't know if outlining software will ever take off, but to me it feels like a natural way to use a computer. I will keep using Ecco until they invent a version of Windows that won't run it, and I suspect I will outline until the day I die. POSTSCRIPT: Doc Searls' technography from Bloggercon IV is a good example . 4 Sep Longtime readers here know of my interest in the subject of outliners and in particular my dedication to an old program called Ecco Pro. I used it as my main organizer for my first book, and now, as I begin work on a new one, I find myself turning to it once again. (If you want to understand why, Andrew. My favorite PIM is Ecco because of its one-pane outliner, its to-do lists ("notepad") that supports child items (while just about all other PIMs only support one-level to -do lists, making .. Once Ecco, Outlook, and XTNDConnect PC are installed, configure the XTNDConnect PC shortcut so that the program runs as Adminstrator.

REVIEWS. /TEST. DRIVES. Ecco. puts. everything. in. its. place. with. outlining. format. STATISTICS. SOFTWARE. New to Statgraphlcs Plus are an on-screen and bit-mapped and PostScript font support. WINDOWS REPORT WRITER A- RET/Xbase report developer has potential 3y Maurice. Ecco, by Arabesque Software (acquired by NetManage, then run into the ground, last at v?) is a Win16 app I still run on XP (successfully!), that has probably the best outliner capabilities in Windows. Not the equal of More (on Mac, from Living VideoText, derivative of ThinkTank), but acceptable. Unfortunately, a PIM. 14 Jan Ecco Pro is a (now free) amazing PIM, Outliner, and scheduling program, which although it was written over 10 years ago, the program is amazing. eccoMAGIC is an.


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