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Take ownership windows 2003

Hi,. There is a root folder that contains all the users Terminal Server Profiles. There are 3 domain administrators in the domain admins group, which is placed in the local administrator group on the file server. 2 of us can take ownership of the folders mentioned above, however one person cannot, they get a. When I've seen this it was because a process was holding the folder open but the folder was in the process of being deleted. Use a tool like Process Explorer to see if anything has an open handle on the folder. I would guess that once you release it or reboot, that folder will disappear. 4 Oct The process of actually taking ownership is a bit different in Windows Server than it was in Windows To take ownership of a folder or file, open Windows Explorer. Open the Properties window for the object and select the Security tab. Click the Advanced button. From the Owner tab in Advanced.

18 May This has stumped me. I have a directory on a Windows server in an AD domain (2k native mode) which I am unable to view the security for. I have gone to the parent folder and attempted to both push down permissions as well as take ownership of all subfolders and files, and get an error "access. 13 Aug I see this a permission that is offered when you do Full Control permission. Can you give me an example of what it would be useful for?. Under the NTFS file system in Windows Server , every object, including files and folders, has an owner, normally the user who created the file or folder. Under older versions of Windows, a user had to be granted the Take Ownership permission for an object before they could take ownership of it. Windows Server.

29 Jul QUESTION NO: 1. You are the network administrator for The network consists of a single Active Directory domain All network servers run Windows Server , and all client computers run Windows XP Professional. All users in the sales department are members of a group. Taking Ownership of a File or Folder Problem You want to take ownership of a file or folder. This may be necessary if you find that NTFS permissions - Selection from Windows Server Cookbook [Book].


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