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The latest copy of Friends of Mineral Town allows you to play as a female character, the first girl-version to be translated into English. Friends of Mineral Town for Girl can connect up to the upcoming Gamecube game, A Wonderful Life for Girl. Ushi No Tane x5 is just one of the. in Forget-Me-Not Valley. If the player connects enough, he will obtain the seaside cottage, the ultimate reward for connecting. Unlike past Game Boy versions of Harvest Moon (and even Harvest Moon: Back To Nature), Friends of Mineral Town does not feature the ability to trade livestock with other FoMT game cartridges. 17 Mar Related Threads. MFoMT Hurt And Heal Bachelors - last post by @ Mar 30, Hurt and Heal ~+= Bachelors=+~ - last post by @ Aug 23, Harvest Moon: MFoMT Roleplay [#4] "Things Aren't Always As They Seem" - last post by @ Dec 28, [Vote/Discussion] HM: MFoMT: The Ultimate Bachelor!.

Okay, I took all this time preparing myself for winter because I knew I was going to try to get the rest of the cursed tools (I have only gotten the fishing rod). So, I made myself some Elli Leaves, did all my work for the day, took out unnecessary tools leaving room for the cursed ones, went to the hot springs. 9 Sep Mining (MFoMT). HM: MFoMT FanFictions~ - last post by @ Apr 24, re: HM:MFoMT Character Quotes ~*1*~. quote xprincezchrissyx. Jeff: It inspires me to see you work so hard and do such a good job! After all, running a farm by yourself can't be easy! Hehe^^ I feel real proud of myself whenever Jeff tells me that. Great thread, Kaiti. Thanks Chrissy! Keep the quotes coming!.

17 Mar [edit] Overview. In MfOmT you have the ability to collect the 7 Legendary Rings, unlike in FoMt. You can get the rings by completing certain tasks. Each ring is worth 30 Heroine points. Read on to find how you get all 7 of the Legendary Rings. MfOmT


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