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Computer system ppt

CS Major Components of a Computer System. Processor (CPU). Runs program instructions. Main Memory. Storage for running programs and current data. 3 Dec basics of computer system ppt. 1. BASICS OF THE COMPUTER SYSTEM Presented By: Mangalayatan University, Aligarh Sumit Pachauri. The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software: Install, configure, maintain, and upgrade computer systems; Maximize system availability.

30 Jan / Introduction to Computer Systems Hard to match performance of Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC); But, Intel has. INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SYSTEM. This chapter will cover the following topics: Computer Hardware and Information Technology Infrastructure. Overview of a computer system Introduction This Unit explores the purpose of computer systems, their structure and provides a technical description of the.

Generally, the term is used to describe a collection of devices that function together as a system. 3. Devices that comprise a computer system. Printer (output ). Computer System. Alanoud Al Saleh. Computer systems. Are defined as: Computer Hardware. Information. - the physical components of the. Computer System Overview. Chapter 1. 2. An Operating System makes the computing power available to users by controlling the hardware. Let us review the.


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