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Mirrors edge speedrun

Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more!. Speedrunning is the act of completing a game as quickly as possible. This can be done for any game, including Mirror's Edge, The current world record for an any% speedrun is: ?v=zy6ePb_QZ7Q 30 minutes& 45 seconds Categories There are 3 categories available to "run. A new Mirror's Edge world record has been set for speedrunning DICE's first- person parkour game. Coming in at without loading and with, Twi.

24 Oct Jackknife is the second and longest level of Mirror's Edge, and is a chapter that Lorna Reid spoke fondly of last year. The following video isn't the best way to revisit its twists and turns—but it is a world record-breaking speedrun that was two years in the making, covering the entire game in just 22 minutes. I really like this breakdown of the debate about the name of the glitchless category in Mirror's Edge. It is a fine line of sticking to the spirit of the name and avoiding things that make the run look obviously broken, while avoiding rules that make the run unnecessarily hard or annoying. It makes me wonder. 23 Oct A team of 11 speedrunners have broken the record for the fastest Mirror's Edge playthrough ever. The record-breaking run shaves just under six minutes off the previous record, clocking in at 22 minutes and 40 seconds, not including cutscenes. Here's our list of the best PC games. The run, which you can.

18 Oct But the idea of a segmented speedrun is pretty glorious. 11 players got together and decided to create the perfect run for Mirror's Edge, resulting in a run of the game that hits every possible trick in the book. For reference, solo world records range anywhere from 28 minutes to 30 minutes or so.


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