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Jackass the game stunt s psp

For Jackass the Game on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " download stunts". 7 Sep If it's new stunts you want, look no further than Jackass: The Game, which places the cast in new, dangerous situations that couldn't ever be done in real by video game professionals and you shouldn't attempt to recreate these tricks at home until the title is released on the PS2 and PSP later this month. Your goal is to collect the best footage from up to 36 different stunts throughout the game to create an all-new season of Jackass for MTV. All stunts The PlayStation 2 and PSP versions received "mixed" reviews, while the DS version received "unfavorable" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.

27 Sep Metacritic Game Reviews, Jackass the Game for PSP, Johnny knoxville and the jackass crew are knee deep in their latest series of ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of indecency, and thi. 4 May the original director experiences his own Jackass stunt gone badly. You are then placed in charge of completing seven episodes, each one containing five different stunts. The storyline practically places Jackass the game in line as a fourth season of the original show. The stunts performed range from. Jackass™: The Game. PSP; Also on ps2. Release Date: Out Now; Genre: Action. Publisher: Red Mile Entertainment; Developer: TBC. M. Mild Blood Crude Humor Sexual Themes Violence Language. Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew are knee deep in their latest series of ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of.

If used near persons with pacemakers, the signal from the PSP® system's wireless network feature could interfere with the proper operation of the pacemaker. WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVITY/EPILEPSY/SEIZURES. WARNING: The sTuNTs feATuRed. IN ThIs GAme. WeRe peRfoRmed by. pRofessIoNAls., so NeITheR. 22 Nov Of course, mini-games only go so far before the novelty wears thin. Jackass doesn't aim for a particularly deep experience, but the short length of its Story mode is a concern. A Challenge option that remixes the stunts with harder objectives offers some rescue, even if it isn't actual new content. Still, rewards.


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